Awards Nights and Banquets

David and Teesha feel blessed to have entertained and inspired thousands of people through their exciting, thrilling, and moving presentations at Upward Award Nights and banquets.

David and Teesha are huge fans of Upward and the opportunities for evangelism through sports that this incredible ministry provides. From elementary school through college, both David and Teesha were very involved with organized sports. Upon learning about Upward, and their emphasis on Christ-likeness and good sportsmanship, they became eager to find out more and learn how they could be a part of it. This shared passion for evangelism and excellence has lead to David and Teesha’s involvement with one of the highlights of many Upward seasons – the Awards Night.

In the Upward program the bottom line is seeing hearts and lives changed. This is the focus, even over winning championships. Over the course of a season many people dedicate endless hours to ensuring its success. From Upward Directors, coaches, referees, players, parents, and volunteers of all types; there is an incredible amount of energy and devotion put into a successful program. It is David and Teesha’s desire to serve Upward leagues and churches by ensuring that this same passion is put into the Awards Night.

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Upward reviews

davidandteeshaDavid is a great performer. He did two shows back to back for us at our Upward Awards Night and kept the attention of all in attendance with his amazing illusions. His Gospel message was wonderful! I can recommend David highly!”

Michael Molony Director Recreation Ministries, Sandia Presbyterian, Albuquerque, NM

David is a class act. He brought professionalism and energy to all he does. From illusion to family, dogs and audience participation you will be fully drawn to every part of the performance. More than that he will bring you FACE to FACE with Jesus and how to make Him the Lord and Savior of your life. If you just need entertainers he can do it but if you want a life changing event book him TODAY!”

Scott Denton Upward Director, Bear Creek Baptist, Katy, TX

David did a fabulous job for our Upward Basketball celebration, beyond what I could have asked for! Very organized and energized. And best of all he presented the Gospel beautifully.”

Ashley Patterson Upward Director, First Baptist of Springdale, Springdale, AR

After working with Upward for more than 10 years, I would say that David Laflin was one of the top Upward entertainers that we have ever had and we would highly recommend him!”

Deborah Watkins Upward Director, Hunter Street Baptist, Birmingham, AL

Expectations Exceeded! The absolute clearest Gospel presentation I’ve ever seen.”

Chris Rhyne Upward Director, Elkview Baptist, Elkview, WV

Audience of all ages was captivated through the entire program. The Gospel message was presented in a unique manner that was clear and easily understood.”

Duane Sweigard Upward Director at Crossroads Nazarene, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

The gospel was presented clearly with passion. David’s servant hearts is evident and the results are wonderful. Parents, spectators and kids loved him!

Bob Martin Upward Director, Paducah, KY

David was tremendous in his Upward presentation, and he effectively presented the Gospel through his performance, not only to kids but also to adults. I highly recommend David for any event!”

Brent Sprague Upward Basketball Director, Immanuel Baptist, Highland, CA

Absolutely Wonderful! Many commented this was our best performance for Upward Awards Night ever.”

Beth Tatum Upward Director, Madison, AL

David performed at our Upward Awards Night. The response by the kids and adult alike was amazing. The illusions were fun and interactive and the Gospel was clearly shared in a creative and fresh way. David’s humble attitude and outgoing personality was a blessing. I highly recommend David to your church event. Whether you use them for children, teenagers, or adults, you will not be disappointed!”

Donnie Hatcher Discipleship Pastor / New Hope Baptist, De Quincy LA

Even better than I expected! Entertaining, clear, and motivating.”

George Wallace New Life Camp, Upward Basketball, Raleigh, NC