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Christian Entertainers with a Passion for Ministry

Thousands of people have been impacted by David Laflin and Teesha Laflin’s unique and creative way of presenting the life-changing message of Jesus Christ through illusion.

Since 2002, internationally recognized Christian illusionists David and Teesha Laflin have entertained and inspired audiences all across the United States and in several foreign countries through their creative blend of both classic and cutting-edge illusions. Their programs have been featured at numerous conferences and conventions throughout the world and have reached large-scale audiences through their television…

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CREATED BY: David Laflin

Resolve to…

Achieving Resolutions Step by Step, Page by Page We are two weeks into 2016. As we launched into this year many of you, like me, set some new goals. We have resolved to change some things and get better. Every...

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CREATED BY: Teesha Laflin

Most Dangerous thing we have done on stage

This by far is the most dangerous thing we have done on stage; let our five year old and our three year old talk into a microphone. We had this illusion build just for them, with their ideas! This was...

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